Seven Shades is a British company established in May 2019 - dedicated to  sustainability and empowerment.

The belief that the fashion industry requires change - the planet cannot sustain the momentum of the fast fashion culture, is the core of it's values.

Wearing a sweater or tee from Seven Shades means you are wearing a garment created with the planet in mind. We use Salvage, Stanley/Stella and EarthPositive garments.

For more information about the ethics of our garments - see the ETHICS page.

Seven shades T-shirts finals high res-10

As a small online business, we spent time researching postage and packaging options that fit in with my commitment to being sustainable.

We post out in bags which are recyclable - making them 100% compostable. Products are packaged in recycled and recyclable products, for example: tesafilm® eco & clear, a 100% recycled self-adhesive transparent tape, environment friendly.

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