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The "Difficult" Second Anniversary

Seven Shades is fast approaching the dreaded second anniversary. You know the feeling (the second album syndrome, the talk of when you are having kids), it's the same for business.

Well, I have to say I am loving where Shades is at the moment. I would say the second anniversary is like the second year of high school. You are not the newbie anymore, you know your way around; you know to avoid the sixth formers smoking behind the bike sheds and to avoid direct eye contact without cause with Miss Jones.

It's taken me personally a while to know where and what we are all about. Early on I couldn't answer key questions about the purpose or customer. Now I can. I know what we (or I'm) all about. It's like the clouds have parted and now I am seeing the wood and the trees.

This is exciting.

We are the home of the Unbreakable - we are sustainable. Our customers buy from us because they are getting a piece of clothing they can wear for a while - I'd like to say timeless, but I'll go with classic, (I'm no Coco Chanel).

We've gone back to our Unbreakable roots - the tee that has sold out many times over. The words which speaks to so many. We are the Home of the Unbreakable, trying not to break the planet by planting a tree for every sale, subscriber and post on Instagram.

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