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Shopping other people's wardrobe...

It’s not easy being green and in an effort to be more sustainable as a human I am making small efforts.

eBay and Depop are my go-to places to buy clothes people don’t want anymore. I’ve actually started to enjoy the hunt. It’s a bit like a sport. I’ll see bits on websites which I really like, save the images and wait. Before too long, the items I have liked will appear on eBay or Depop and I get a nearly new purchase but also save a bit of money and a bit of potential landfill. Every few months I do the same to my own wearable wardrobe. Sometimes the much-coveted items don’t pop up for a while. You’ve really got to be on the ball with this, so eBay is currently full of saved searches. I’m still holding out for the Orla Kiely Bethan Bag in Cocoa. If one day I did get my hands on one, I doubt I’d ever use it for fear of damaging it. Every time one has popped up on the internet I have been broke... one day, Bethan Bag, one day.

In a similar theme I’ve started being more conscious of the food waste, particularly packaging that we throw away. We like using our Nespresso machine and I try to recycle the used capsules as often as I can, but recently found and purchased a reusable one. Yes, it will be faffy - but the planet is worth a bit of faff - isn’t it? Any other small changes you have made will be gratefully received... meat-free Monday’s etc.... I think we are all trying to do our bit one way or another.

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