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Managing Expectations

This week's blog is all about managing expectations. And boy, do people have expectations!

As a new business, I am instantly thrilled with the small things. A positive comment on social media, a new follower, or someone in real life giving me some advice or positivity.

I was watching a "cool-young-thing" of which I am not, giving advice and realigning expectations of "overnight success stories" etc. The truth is clear - nothing is an "overnight success" - it's all part and parcel of hard work, grit and determination. Putting it in another context - Hollywood "overnight successes" did not just jump off the 343 bus and walk into a successful movie. All actors have been to classes; heaps of auditions and countless rejections before they even get an agent or an Equity card. It's the same with business. Little by little, the determination and hard work will pay off. Overnight successes are clever marketing.

I am forever grateful that I am doing this in an age of internet and social media - where people can dip in and out of each other's lives. I want my customers to value what we do, and in turn we want to give them a great customer experience. But the downside of our internet lifestyles and instant gratifying experiences of social media, is that we become demanding of getting an instant response and recognition. I value this time. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: everyday we are learning. I hope I continue to learn everyday.

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