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1 Week Anniversary...

It has now been 1 week and 1 day since our t-shirts arrived and we started selling them online. The social media response has been phenomenal - within 12 hours an amazing blogger, @theofficialgeorgelife, got in touch to partner up - and within 24 hours of the launch, our Instagram followers have doubled! We have been sending out parcels all week. Thank you to all the supporters.

One thing that still concerns us, and we're not sure we will solve this easily, is how to ensure the delivery remains as sustainable as possible, in line with our other choices within the company.

Larger sellers may have more options. Currently, we are choosing to use Hermes, it is quicker to dispatch with them, than other options currently avaliable. To the small business, it is currently a puzzle.

It is something to work on. We have never started a business - every day we are learning. Thank you to all who have subscribed and supported us. Keep spreading the word and the love - we would love this to continue.


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